Hey There!

We're Jocelyn & Vashti.

We have seen such great results from our own digital marketing and Pinterest journey that we decided to make it our full-time gig. What would you do if you could have the same results? Now you can!

Are you ready to see big changes in your business? We are excited to take your business to the next level using proven funnel and Pinterest strategies. Together, a website that converts, Pinterest, and funnels will garner huge results for your business.

We came together because our combined skills make us a great duo. Book a call with us today, so we can begin strategizing and implementing changes in your business that will lead to an increase in your reach and income.



Digital Marketing Strategist

I'm Jocelyn, co-founder of Sensible Business Support. I'm an experienced tech & digital marketing strategist with 5 years of experience working with online businesses helping them grow their businesses online. 

I love working with online business owners and seeing how my tech & marketing skills can take their business to new levels owning your own business is challenging, I look forward to helping you succeed!




Pinterest Strategist

I’m Vashti, co-founder of Sensible Business Support. I’m a Pinterest Strategist, lover of coffee, world wanderer and mother to two precocious little girls.  

My passion for becoming a Pinterest Strategist was to have a location independent lifestyle, using skills and strategies I already had so that I didn’t have to reinvent myself with every family move. 

My goal is to help business owners and bloggers leverage Pinterest to grow their business beyond what they thought possible. Pinterest is a powerful tool, that can do amazing things for your blog and business. I can't wait to see what we can do together!


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