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Since working with Jocelyn, I’ve been able to get important business systems in order, more regularly publish blog posts and tap into her impressive web skills and a good eye for design. Sometimes these are considered “specialized” tasks that need to be outsourced beyond a VA, but it has been a huge plus to be able to keep those things in-house. Jocelyn's customer service is excellent and their ability to get things done fast and well always impresses me. I would recommend Jocelyn to anyone and everyone!

Arianna Taboada

Maternity Leave Consultant

Since working with Jocelyn, I’ve started my Musician’s Mastermind groups, with 7 participants and request for another time slot! I’ve never worked with a VA before so I wasn’t sure how the whole process worked. I was also worried about cost, as it takes me so long to make flyers and such, I wasn’t sure how long it would take Jocelyn and what the costs would end up being. Jocelyn was very fast and responded quickly to any changes I needed. Very flexible. It took off my list something that I am not skilled at, which was a big relief!

Marta Johnson


Jocelyn, I love what you all did with my sales page and I got client’s from it! You were friendly, easy to work with, incredibly efficient and happy! I will be recommending you to my friends because you do the best job possible—-fast!

Shelley Ugyan

AADP Certified Health Practitioner

Working with Jocelyn has been a fantastic experience! She seamlessly handles any issues that come up and her tech skills are invaluable. Jocelyn has literally given me hours back each day to focus on my business. She is professional and always willing to assist me with my business needs. Jocelyn has done wonders with my blog, newsletter and social media! Thanks, Jocelyn!

Valerie Wong

Wellness Coach
Parijat Deshpande

I could not ask for a better VA than Jocelyn. She's extremely organized, punctual, reliable and such a pleasure to work with. She has made my job so much easier in exactly the ways I was hoping a VA would. If you're looking for a VA to support you in your business, don't look any further!

Parijat Deshpande

High-Risk Pregnancy Expert
Laura Edington

Jocelyn has been a huge asset to me and my business! I love the accessibility and convenience that she provides through emailing and texting versus setting up a lengthy phone or in-person meetings to discuss details and needs. She created my website and it looks like my personality and fits my business’s every need. I’m on a strict budget and I couldn’t have asked for a better website and especially at the excellent price she offers! My business has already grown since they put up my new website a month ago and I credit that success to her artistic abilities, her eye for detail, and her knowledge of what social media strategies work for other businesses like mine.

Lara Edington

Relationship Coach
Elizabeth Early Sheehan

Jocelyn,  your work greatly improved my business Facebook page! You have a professional attitude and I trusted you to take my ideas and work effectively with them. When I started working with Jocelyn, I immediately decided I didn’t need to stress over things I knew you could do well and I had no clue about. It’s hard to give up control and it takes time to learn new technology and I didn’t have that time (and you all are already a wiz at this stuff!). I love your services, thank you for doing such a great job!

Elizabeth Early Sheehan

Consulting Hypnotist/Hypnocoach

Since Jocelyn has taken over my blog, newsletter, and social media management I have been able to focus on my business instead of being bogged down with the day to day of running a successful business. Jocelyn is a wiz with WordPress and handles anything that comes up. I am no longer spending hours every week scheduling my social media posts, giving me more time to focus on what I want to do. Thanks so much, Jocelyn! You are a lifesaver!

Christen Souci

Author/Relationship Coach
Michaela Latavanha

It's a dream to work with Jocelyn. She is very organized, communication is easy & she makes it easy to work with her. I can trust her with tasks for my freelance business knowing that it would be done on time & at a high standard. I recommend Jocelyn!

Michaela Latavanha

Web Designer

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